Texas Turnout March 2023 Update

Texas Turnout March 2023 Update

Greetings from your friends at Texas Turnout!

With our efforts stretching far beyond voter registration this month, we want to catch you up to speed on what we have already accomplished and our exciting new initiatives gearing up to the May 6th local elections!

Plus our coalition has rapidly expanded to include and involve key local stakeholders who have expertise in youth issues and voter advocacy! Our newest coalition members include: ActiVote, CSLAP, LUPE, McAllen AFT, New Endeavor Texas, Student Voter Initiative and the Texas Civil Rights Project.

So far this year, with your generous support, Texas Turnout was already able to

  • Register 321 Voters
  • Collect 443 Pledges to Vote
  • Participate in 22 Community Events
  • Engage with the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and South Texas College in 13 different events including classroom presentations, tabling, and canvassing.
  • Visit and provide voter education in 12 high school settings

Did you know…

  • Texas Turnout Coalition comprises 17 nonpartisan organizations.
  • Our new coalition member, ActiVote, is a downloadable app that provides in-depth and nonpartisan ballot and candidate analysis.
  • Texas Turnout partners with local artist cooperatives to engage and empower voter advocacy through art.

Coffee Shop Stop March 4, 2023

Our first-ever Coffee Shop Stop was inspired by a former student of CSLAP, a recent coalition partner focused on college access and support for RGV students. Michael White’s dream of creating a collaborative space for young people to explore ways to be civically engaged in the Rio Grande Valley came to life at a small business coffee shop, Common Space Coffee Shop in McAllen, Texas.

Participants ranging from ages 18-29 attended eager to better understand how to build local power through voting and a variety of civic engagement activities. The purpose of this event was to reflect on personal values, celebrate our community, learn about civic engagement in the 956, understand our local power, and ensure eligible voters are registered and empowered to vote.

When asked the question, how do you feel about voting, here were some responses…

“It’s gotta be done. We hold our officials accountable. They impact our day to day in very real ways.”

“It’s the most important. I’ve voted in every election since I was 18. I vote for me, all the women in my life, and people who can’t vote.”

Following our event, participants were surveyed to capture the impact of the event. Here are the main takeaways:

  • 80% of participants were more motivated to vote in the May 6th and future elections following the Coffee Shop Stop.
  • 100% of participants committed to voting and inviting 3 of their loved ones to join them in voting for the May 6th elections.

With your support, Texas Turnout can continue building local civic engagement capacity and voter education specific to the Rio Grande Valley.

Your tax-deductible donation directly impacts youth voter engagement and turnout in the RGV.

With much gratitude,

The Texas Turnout Team