Texas Turnout is a non-partisan voting engagement and outreach coalition of nonprofits established to increase youth voter turnout in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.


We envision full civic participation of youth voters in underrepresented communities.


The formation of Texas Turnout provides a much needed wrap-around, year-round, culturally relevant, peer-to-peer civic engagement operation that removes every obstacle between an eligible voter and the ballot box. By November 2023, we aim to register and empower 5,000 youth voters.


Roseangela Hartford


Campaign Manager

“Texas Turnout’s commitment to cultural competence, social justice, and grassroots organizing continues to affirm my love for our community. I hope to instill a deep sense of empowerment in every voter we connect with. Voter by voter, we will make our voices heard.”

Clarissa Conde


Regional Field Coordinator

“I believe the youth are the future, and will bring positive change in our communities.”

Edith Cuevas


Community Field Coordinator

“Growing up in the RGV I became involved in issue based advocacy and civic engagement where I witnessed young members of the community show a reluctance to participate in politics and those that wished to become involved faced barriers to participation. Working with Texas Turnout signifies a tremendous opportunity for more RGV youth to contribute to democracy, make their voices heard, and have an influence on the issues that impact them and their communities.”

Cesar Rios


Community Field Coordinator

“Texas Turnout’s vision is vital for a healthy, prospering community. As city, county, state, and national community neighbors, we must encourage each other to question how we are being governed, have substantial civic participation, be aware of the issues we face, and vote at the polls. I am excited to participate in Texas Turnout’s youth voter engagement mission throughout our Cameron/Hidalgo Counties and remind our communities about the importance of our shared civic participation.”